Friday, July 11, 2014

A boy with a new toy

 Not a very good shot, but this was taken at 10:00.  These long days make me feel guilty for not getting more accomplished before dark. Then I get over it.
 Crab season opened last week and our next-door neighbor went down to the bay and came home with this.  This fella was swimming about three hours earlier. 
 Do you think he knew that he gave his life to make us very happy.  
 So Al has this new tool.  A flame thrower to burn the stubborn weeds.  Seems like of silly to me, but he appeared to be enjoying the process. 
He thinks that his favorite ratty sweatshirt looks "much better" turned inside out.  

 All those teeny weeny bits of blue star creeper have performed a miracle and are growing lickety split.  Soon they should spill over the edges and do the creeping thing.
 Okay, check this.  A perfect hydrangea, right? 
 It's the only one on the entire bush!  The one growing about two feet away has hundreds of flowers, (well, okay, dozens) but this one seems to have concentrated all its energy into one stunner.  
What's that all about?
Al didn't plant any pumpkins so I had to knit one for some baby's precious head. 

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