Thursday, January 23, 2014

You've Missed Me!

A thousand apologies if you have been wondering where we've been.  There is still something wrong with the silly google system, giving me a nasty "error 404" message when I try to load some of the great pictures I want to share with you, but I'm working on learning some way to get around that.  I need a teen-ager!  Well, for several reasons - but just how much gardening, painting, housecleaning and cooking can you get from one before they get bored.  Or boring.

We had a wonderful time in San Francisco!  Really.  Friends and family just kept wanting to feed us, making a grand total of 40 scrumptious (mostly) meals away from home in 33 days.  Maybe the flat tire we (okay, Al) dealt with on the way home was because of being overweight.  Remember the flat tires in Alaska and Canada?  This is getting to be very irksome, not to mention dangerous.  Lucky that it happened just before dark, but it's surprising how few drivers move over to the left lane when they see an obvious problem on the side of the road.  Most don't even slow down, even though the flat was on the driver side, right there in plain view of traffic.  Maybe they were all going too fast to notice an old man on his knees beside a gigantic RV.  So we stopped in Tacoma to get bigger and better tires for Homer.  He happily skipped and danced all the way to Sequim, looking very pleased with his new shoes. It was kind of involved to upgrade from an E tire to a G tire, having to learn about load rating and rim capacity and steel valve stems.  I have no idea what any of that means, but Al seemed to think it was entertaining.

Now we're safely home in Sequim, dealing with the unfinished projects and unpacking the remaining boxes. Why didn't the construction fairies swoop in while we were away and finish all that, or maybe the chirping birds and  scurrying chipmunks from Cinderella.  I'm a little bit miffed with them just now.  Let me know if you have the secret for getting them to perform.

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