Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad

We made it!  Saturday was about four hours of loading up the rental truck with everything from storage and driving as far as Medford.  Sunday we made it all the way back to Sequim, when Al decided that he wasn't quite tired enough to sleep, so insisted on unloading the truck.  By himself!  Now the garage is filled with over 200 boxes that can't be unpacked until the project is finished, but we slept in our big bed last night for the first time in three years.  The carpenter is building a fence around the back patio so soon we'll get the hot tub (excuse me, spa) delivered and can soak whenever the muscles cry for attention.  The mudder guy will be here tomorrow, followed by the painter, the tiler, and the carpet installation.  But we need to choose tile for the fireplace and the hall bath so I'm leaving the million-photo project for another day and going shopping now.   It's our duty as patriotic Americans.

ps  Norm is 87 today.  I'm pretty sure he is wearing a colorful pointy hat over his halo, quaffing a beer and flashing that unforgettable grin.

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