Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Caution: Men at Work

I love this picture.  Doesn't it look like a scarecrow tipped over?

Does this explain more?

How about this?
The hole in the floor is where the tub used to be and soon will be a shower. 
Do you love the floor?  Al removed the wood that was there and it will be tiled soon.

The living room got a coat of primer so the mud will stick better when it gets plopped on later today.

The guy who invented the extension pole is probably on the hit list of the ladder companies.
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  1. The guy who invented the extension pole might be on the ladder companies hit list but the chiropractors love him! Danna

  2. Welcome back to land of house owners. You must feel like we did after 6 months in NZ. And now, deferred maintenance... Went to my 45th SI reunion Friday, my classmates have gotten older. But still a good bunch of guys. Hope you're settled before the snow shows up. Say, what is your address so I can Google you? ...cuz Rick