Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Homer gets his name

 We left Atlanta on Monday, after a wonderful month with Chrissy, Nicky, and Matthew.  Many great dinners, lots of laughs, basketball games, soccer games, and all-around fun.  Side trips to Athens (Go Dawgs) and Columbus, but mostly we just hung around.  Oh, yeah, Al assembled a portable - sort of - basketball hoop and ripped down a fence.  Guy stuff that he enjoys.

Homer is now the official name of the RV.  We're taking our Home on Al's Odyssey.  Cute.

 Now we're in Nashville, which is known as the Buckle of the Bible Belt.  800 churches for about a half-million people.  It's other title is Music City, for good reason.  There seems to be one music venue after another, the main one being The Grand Ole Opry, of course.  Our timing was perfect because last night we were lucky enough to see Charlie Daniels and are glad that we got out of Georgia before the Devil went down there.

 This was much prettier in person because there were trees framing the sign and a sliver of a moon.  But you get the idea.

 We don't know these people.  Do you?

Now we're off to the Tennessee state capital/capitol and museum.
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