Sunday, June 5, 2022


The Deck!
Turns out that nobody wants to pour concrete over old repaired concrete so the solution was to build a deck over the whole shebang.  Great idea, Al!  All by himself - with a bit of friendly help, of course.  Look - 

The biggest surprise was that by raising the floor the porch ceiling was too low so up it went.


Hand-me-down furniture, 18 cans of spray paint and 7 yards of fabric later it's almost finished.  Just a few more details and we'll be ready for sipping tea all afternoon.  Y'all come.

All that sewing kept me in the Patch for hours so a little bit of re-arranging was in order.  You're welcome to come play with me anytime. 

Not a very good shot, but out this window are the Olympic Mountains, still covered with snow. 

This  window looks at Victoria (I can see Canada from my Patch) and San Juan Island.  

Wouldn't you spend all your time in here?  

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