Saturday, September 1, 2018

Seventy????? The birth certificate must be kidding.

Well, how the heck did that happen?  Mirrors are to be avoided totally, especially those in dressing rooms and the frightening magnifying version, so I was quite shocked and appalled to see a wrinkled old woman staring at me.  Holy crap!  But you can see where we celebrated, so that made it much more interesting.  Prime Rib at my second favorite restaurant in the City made the trauma a little easier to accept, but only a little.  I would refer to myself as a crone but the dictionary says that is an old woman who is cruel, crusty, thin, and ugly.  Who wants to be that?  Well, the thin part would be okay and I've been accused of the other parts, too.  Another smarter article explains that our generation is redefining the concept and taking charge of a new type of wise and vibrant crone, so let's go for it.  Boomer Babes rule!

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