Monday, May 7, 2018

Peony Progress

I think I can. . . .

Get ready - I'm coming . . . .

Ta DA!

The view from my platelet donor chair at the blood bank.  On a clearer day the Olympic mountains are back there.  Well, I guess they are always there, we just couldn't see them last Monday. Not a bad way to spend a couple hours.  Read my book, chat with the girls, get cookies, and the very best part is the warning to not do any heavy lifting for the rest of the day, specifically the vacuum.  

Al has been helping a friend build a house and not spending much time in the yard, so now has double duty weeding.  Why don't the deer eat this stuff?  
Are you still digging (ha-ha) the brown sweatshirt?

These will be pears and apples just on the neighbor's side of the fence, but he's very generous when the trees are heavy laden with juicy fruit. Not the gum. 

The view from our lawn chairs in the park where the City Band performed yesterday.  A few days of sunshine have melted most of the snow but it's still impressive, doncha think?
The band is a bunch of volunteer musicians who love to play and are willing to share it with us.  The symphony was Saturday night with some of the same talented people, from high school kids to a lady who has been with them for 32 years.

Apparently Mother Nature wants us to be mushroom farmers.
  Even the deer don't eat them so do you think we should?  NO!

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