Friday, November 24, 2017

Lost in the Patch

There has been such a frenzy of activity in the Patch that I don't even have to clean away all that fiber dust; it just gets caught in the whirlwind.    Not just mine, but Carol and Laura (Paulette left early) working on their projects, too.

 Teri sent Golden State Warriors fabric for bowl cozies and the leftover fabric just jumped into an apron.  Kind of makes your eyes cross, doesn't it?

 Nicole is going for her second hip replacement next week, so some of Paulette's wine fabric scraps found themselves in a tote bag.  And I learned how to print on fabric.  Stand back!

Al's final pepper of the season.  Kind of funky, but he did have fun with the Mr. Green Jeans routine and is still harvesting kale and potatoes and looking forward to putting his new knowledge to work next year.  I just read an article about a trend of young professionals moving to the country to become farmers.  He has always been ahead of the times.

The most recent needlepoint belt returned from the finishers.  Some Euler (who?) math equation I don't understand, even after hours of stitching all those numbers.  The only math I need to know is how many stitches per inch and how to get it charted on a spreadsheet,
 then hope I follow it correctly to the canvas.  Who would notice if I missed a number? Would you?

Luke and Kellan are finally getting their ornaments.  Sorry it took so long.  

And I finally got around to dying some yarn that has been patiently waiting for a few years.  The peachy one was done with Kool-Aid in the slow cooker,  the blue with food coloring in the microwave, and the tan with coffee on the stove.  It was fun but mostly what I learned is why it's worth it to pay extra for yarn dyed by the expert$.

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