Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beware the Ides of March

 Stay away from all soothsayers who will portend doom and gloom.

There is nothing but sunshine and happiness in Sequim, even though I have been very remiss in telling you about it.  Not much to report, just day after day of bliss.  Chilly, but pleasant.  It's our first full winter here without a trip to California and we've enjoyed it.

Like everywhere in the world, spring is coming.  See?  

I've been stitching on the chilly nights and finally finished these Santas that have been in the basket for several years.  Maybe in a dream they will tell me what they want to be. 
 Pillow?  Ornament?  Framed?  Stand-up pal?  Sit in the basket for a few more years?   

Look what I found when I cleaned out a box of old, very old treasures.
This very issue is selling online for between $20 and $50, except for one big dreamer who is asking $291.  Good luck with that. Too bad we didn't all keep everything we every owned.  Remember rushing home from school to watch the Mickey Mouse Club?  Hey there, Hi there, Ho there.  
I still have a little bit of a crush on Spin. 

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