Friday, January 16, 2015

Open your Golden Gate

 Look where we are!  We arrived last Saturday, which was another Spare the Air Day, and you can see why.  The Golden Gate Bridge was closed while they built a barrier between lanes, but the new Bay Bridge was eager to lead us across the Bay, in spite of all the smog or whatever is hanging around.  There needs to be a good wind or rain to clean this stuff away. 
 But it's not going to stop us from having fun.

 The old bridge is coming down, one section at a time.

On a clear day (you can see forever) this would have been a perfect picture of Telegraph Hill. 
 There is our old condo, way at the very far bottom right. 

 We've been on the exciting whirlwind of seeing friends and family, with lots more to come.  Of course, it always involves lunch or dinner, so we've eaten out eight times in six days.  By the time we leave here we'll need to get stronger shocks on the truck to bear my weight.

Go Packers!

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