Saturday, October 25, 2014

Where did she go?

Well, first to Ashland, where we joined Gary and Helen for a few plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  A little bit of culture now and then is important to keep the Miss Holverson influence going.  The current drought left Emigrant Lake so low that the rowing crew had to carry their boats a long way to get a little bit of water.  Too bad the rain can't be more evenly distributed across the country, but then what would the weather people have to talk about?

 One day the bin of stitched needlepoint lugged itself to the table and hollered that it was time to get to gettin' and do something about that.  Since I'm way too cheap to pay big bucks to the finisher, I had to tackle it myself. This is just the top of the pile.  Ssshhh.  Don't tell Al, okay?
 Pillow in progress.

Who knows what these cute little things are?  I had to research all about Hardy Kiwi.  Yes, kiwi.  They look like grapes but taste like kiwi.  It's like biting into a surprise and the freezer is now crammed full of them.  Come on over. 

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