Monday, June 16, 2014

Keepin' the kid entertained

We've been having way too much fun!  This week we went to dinner with friends, the high school final choral performance, a Barbershop show, a big band event, a hot rod car display (just what makes it a hot rod and at what point does a car go from being just old to vintage) and the city band in the park.  Unfortunately, it got windy and rainy so the wuss factor took over and we had to flee.
There must be a little colony of ants nearby because one morning I noticed a dead moth moving across the sidewalk.  Closer inspection revealed one powerful little ant dragging it home for dinner.  After a few feet another guy showed up and they worked as a team.  Next time I went for the progress report they were up against the garage wall, apparently figuring out how to get that huge thing into whatever entrance crack they use.  Alas, I didn't see the solution.  Nor did I have the heart to step on them after all that work.  Amazing, isn't it?  They are much like Al - just keep on going.

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