Monday, December 9, 2013


Sequim didn't get much snow but this is Port Angeles.  I'm very eager to see what else is going to fall because they sell snow shovels here, meaning that something just might materialize before long.

The sewing table has turned into a bigger project than I expected.  In Napa I had an old door propped on two rickety bookshelves.  This one even has a measuring tape set right down the middle of it.  Now I'll feel compelled to be more creative to justify all the work going on in there. 

Things didn't go as smoothly with the shower installation as the directions would have you believe.  At 4:00 they announced "it's finished" but at 6:00 they finally walked away.  There were a lot of groaning sounds coming from that little bathroom but I stayed far away. 

My job was in the kitchen.  Isn't it wonderful that Grandma's old Ladies Lunch trays are
still being useful?  Feels like she is right here beside me, making the job more fun. 
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