Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally on the way

We kept pushing back the departure date until there came a point when we just couldn't wait another day.,  We pulled out of the driveway of150 Lombard at 10:10 on 10/10/10 and hauled a truckload of belongings to the dealer in Los Banos, all ready to begin the retirement.  It was very difficult for me to leave San Francisco after 36 years (Marco's farewell CD of Tony Bennett only made it more poignant - but Thank You, Marco) so Al had to deal with tears, which seem to be subsiding as I become accustomed to this new life.

Monday we were just getting settled when the call came that Giano, Al's third child, second son, (32) was in a very serious motorcycle accident so we returned to the city for a week.  He is still in ICU at Marin General and most of his damaged body parts have been repaired, (tib/fib fracture, fracture on C2 with a torn ligament between C1 and C2, along with lots of scrapes and bruises) so now we're all hoping that his brain will recover as well.  At this point there have been little signs of cognitive responses, but everyone is optimistic that he will return soon - maybe minus the need-for-speed.  Thank you for all the kind wishes and prayers for his recovery.  We'll be going back home for Thanksgiving - or before, if Giano begins to show more indications of awakening.
On Tuesday, Oct 19, we went back to Los Banos to learn how to work all the bells and whistles on the RV.  Thursday, Oct 21 we followed the driver to Reno, where we took official delivery (out of California) and spent a few days there getting all the nooks and crannies organized.  The Reno fun included time spent with Al's cousins, Tom and Sandy Combs  and Vicki and Neil Johnson.  We found out that our Little House survived quiet well in strong winds and temps in the teens, all snug and cozy.  After many trips to Lowes, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, we managed our first solo trip as far as Beatty NV.  Al impressed me with his driving confidence because the thing seems enormous to me. Beatty is on the Eastern edge of Death Valley, so Thursday was spent driving through and among sand and rocks and dessert plants.  Badwater is 282 ft below sea level, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere.  Where was Al Gore for that global warming episode?

On to Las Vegas - did you know that there is a KOA RV campground behind Circus Circus, right on the Strip?  Now you do. Jackie and Rob (my sister and BIL) joined us for a couple days of eating way too much. 

We're learning so many things - about the mechanics of the RV,  living in a small space, being together all day, every day,  and having a great time!

Next time I'll learn how to add photos.  Maybe.  I need a kid around.


  1. Wow, sounds like you two are off and cruising! Sorry we missed you in Reno. As it turns out, we were in Truckee staying with Kate at her new house. Can you post a tentative map and timeline so we can maybe intersect at some point? Sorry to hear about your arm and face plant Pat. Take care and don't let Al lock you into any of those Bear Boxes! We miss you guys but are travelling with you in thoughts and spirit!
    Love Sal & Greg

  2. Dessert plants? Sounds yummy... you kids have fun and play nice. We miss you.

  3. We are watching you from Comstat-5 super spy satelite. Be careful. Wasn't Battey everything I said it would be?

  4. Yay!!! So excited to follow along! It's my new addiction, reading blogs!

  5. Hey it's November 5th, what and where have you been, doing, going?

  6. this is great. So do we get one of these each week. Looking forward to following along with you. Pat, let us know how you and Giano are healing. Good luck and have fun.
    Bob and Laurel

  7. OK, I am with all the above... when is your next posting and where the heck are you!!!! Waldo, reveal yourself... the spy camera is mal-functioning! Maybe you don't realize you need to continue to write on your blog????
    Love and Kisses, Sal